Patterson Precision employs a myriad of hi-tech, state-of-the-art machinery - including CNC Swiss Automatic Screw Machines, CNC Turning/Milling Centers, CNC Milling, CNC Grinding Machines, and a variety of Support Equipment


1-Wasino, Three Axis CNC gang tool lathe.

3-Agathon, precision carbide tool grinders.

1-Christen, NC tool grinder.

1-Berlin SO36, OD grinder.

1-Tschudin DK07, OD grinder.

1-Makino C-40, tool and cutter grinder.

1-Centerless bar stock grinder.

1-Hardinge DSM59 turret lathe.

1-Derbyshire 750 turret lathe.

1-Monarch 10EE tool room lathe.

1-Pratt and Whitney model C, 12 x 30" lathe.

1-Hardinge HLVH, tool room lathe.

1-Bridgeport series I, Milling machine.

1-Omada HA250, horizontal band saw.

1-Doringer D350, cold saw.

1-Controlled Velocity LC400 polisher.

1-PF-01 Rock tumbler.


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